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HIVE TOPIC OPEN: Sept. 16, 2012 - Oct. 16, 2012

How can American manufacturing be reinvented to thrive in an era of globalization?

For much of the 20th century, the United States was the greatest manufacturing nation the world has ever known. But products once made in America—cars, appliances, textiles, toys—are now manufactured in China, Mexico, and India. Globalization has  been a boon to the world, lowered prices for Americans, and isn’t going away. America still makes a huge amount of stuff, and exports a lot of it, but could we do more? How can the U.S. use its advantages—an educated workforce, ample natural resources, decent infrastructure—to make even more, and make it better? Should we focus on high-tech manufacturing? On artisanal manufacturing? Should we do a better job training kids to work in factories? How should American manufacturing be reinvented? 


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