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Start a low-risk/high-payoff non-offshoreable albeit low-status business


Status is the enemy of contentment. Most smart people crave status and so enter status professions or start high-status businesses. The competition is far weaker in low-status businesses, for example, a small chain of soup carts (organic? low-sodium?) located in high-foot-traffic locations.

Businesses like that also have the advantage of being offshore-proof, high-profit margin, low cost of start-up and cloneability: Get the first cart working well and keep cloning it in other locations until you've made enough money.

Don't be greedy: too many locations and the quality goes down. Such businesses also can yield enough profit that you can afford to pay the people who staff your cart well. Treat them well and with respect and not only will they not steal from you, you may be one of those rare people who becomes a beloved boss. Now, THAT'S status worth going after.

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