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Roundtuit - Imagine what you could accomplish if you could only get a roundtuit?


I started my business in early 2008 because I had left the corporate world a few years earlier to start a family and become my former husband's personal assistant (he is a consultant and essentially only had time to work). Unfortunately, he decided he didn't want a family after all and I found myself trying to be happy in the marriage and being a support to him. I learned after a couple years that this was not a very fulfilling least with my one client. I got divorced and tried to get back in the traditional workforce and found it difficult even with my experience (and this was only 2008). So I thought about what I am good at and what experience I've had throughout my working years. This is when I came up with the idea for Roundtuit. I've helped small businesses with their accounting, organizing, research and any other tasks they don't have time to do, but are vital to maintaining and growing their business. I've also used my skills to design and oversee a kitchen renovation, research and resolve tax issues and even replace faulty doorknobs. The point is, I took ALL of my previous experience and turned it into varied paying work. Yes, I have to pay for my own insurance (but hopefully 2014 will bring about some more affordable healthcare for folks like me), but I also get to make my own schedule and choose with whom I work. At this point, I don't make as much as I did when I went to an office job, but I make enough to live on and I feel a real sense of ownership and control over how I spend my day. I think more and more larger companies are going to be moving toward contract work in an effort to save money. This model is already happening in Germany and the is taking full advantage of it. In fact, they are finding that large companies have lost many of their truly creative workers to this model and are coming to places like betahaus to solve their more challenging problems. One day, I hope to expand my business to employ others who find themselves in the situation I was in. There are a lot of talented people out there who may just need to rethink how they work.

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