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Your single best piece of advice about starting a business or remaking a career.

Be single


One of the ugly truths about being able to do something new is embodied in an old quote which I am mangling and cannot recall the provenence of, "In order for a man to accomplish anything of importance he has to overcome the objections of a million mediocre minds."

A certain monomania is required. And this is not compatible with any modern conception of relationships, be you male or female. Each of my startups has ended either a marriage or an important relationship.

Most new things fail.

And yet, to do something new you must trust your instincts and allow your ego to tell you that you are right and the rest of the world is wrong.

Don't expect romantic relationships to survive this. It's just another price to pay. I've done it more than once, it sucks, deal with it. Go out and read about the men and women who have started anything new and you'll find that more often than not they found domestic bliss *after* they accomplished their objective.

Sorry folks. This isn't a Hollywood movie.

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