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How Can We Fix the Constitution?

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Stop The Gerrymandering


Gerrymandering is already supposed to be unconstitutional. Yet every decade, after the census, when the boundaries of congressional districts are redrawn to account for population shifts, there are districts redrawn with strange, tortured shapes. This tends to thwart the will of the majority and help entrench whichever party was in power at the time. The boundaries should be subjected to a mathematical analysis which rates their shapes. A simple shape, such as a rectangle, would be the ideal, and have a low irregularity factor. Long snaky, convoluted shapes would have a high irregularity factor. Merely having a jagged border would not lead to a high factor -- there would have to be areas enclosed by narrow appendages. Mathematicians, not politicians, would supply a formula, into which one would input the latitude and longitude of each inflection point. The Constitution or the Congress would specify a maximum irregularity factor. District boundaries could be redrawn by the party in power, as today, with the stipulation that none exceed the maximum irregularity factor.

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