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HIVE TOPIC OPEN: May 25, 2012 - June 28, 2012

How Can We Fix the Constitution?

The U.S. Constitution is no spring chicken. Our founding document turns 225 this year, and after more than two centuries of wear and tear, it’s begging for a few nips and tucks. Maybe even some full-on body work. Luckily, Daily Show writer Kevin Bleyer spent the last few years pledging his life, fortune, and sacred honor—not to mention his nights and weekends—to rewriting a new foundation for our floundering nation. His new book, Me the People, is out this week—just in time to save America.

As patriots ourselves—and grateful beneficiaries of the First Amendment—we at Slate are joining the cause. And calling on you to do the same. After reading Kevin’s call to arms below, dip your quill and submit your brilliant, ludicrous, offbeat, dead-serious, self-serving, nation-building, game-changing, crowd-pleasing, or outrageous idea for how to improve on the text the framers bequeathed to us. Tag your submission in one of the following categories:

New Amendments: Virgin ideas, untethered to the existing document.


Amendments to the Old Amendments: Changes to the amendments we already have, from the Bill of Rights on down.

Congress: Ideas for improving Article I.

The Presidency: Ideas for improving Article II.

The Judiciary: Ideas for improving Article III.

Everything Else: Changes to the really important other stuff (that would be Articles IV through VII).

Important note: Please submit one single idea per entry. Entries with four or five ideas all jammed together will probably not make the cut! If you have three great ideas, submit three great entries!

Then comment and vote on the other ideas proposed by Slate readers. Voting is closed, but we’ll present your new and improved Constitution, as reinterpreted by Kevin Bleyer, on Independence Day.

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