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HIVE TOPIC OPEN: Jan. 24, 2012 - Feb. 22, 2012

How can we make the Oscars better?

Academy Awards ceremonies are laughable, even to those of us who love them. We at Slate want to fix the Oscars, but we need your help. Read the introduction and submit your brilliant, offbeat, or outrageous idea for how to make the voting process and the Oscar telecast better. You can tag your submission in one of the following categories:

Awards and Categories: Ideas about the nomination, voting, and awards process itself.

Hosts and Talent: Ideas about the people we see onstage (or who work behind the scenes) on Oscar night.

Montages, Videos, and Musical Numbers: Ideas for new dance, music, video, or other production numbers to liven up the ceremony. You can even submit your own YouTube video as an example!

Acceptance Speeches: Ideas for how to make every acceptance speech memorable—or do away with them entirely.

Everything Else: Ideas so mind-blowing they don’t fit in our pedestrian categories.

Important note: Please submit one single idea per entry. Entries with 3 or 4 or 5 ideas all jammed together will probably not make the cut! If you have three great ideas, submit three great entries!

Then comment and vote on the other ideas proposed by Slate readers. Voting ends on Feb. 22; we’ll present Slate’s plan for making the Oscars matter again the week before the ceremony (in time for Oscar producer Brian Grazer to crib as many ideas as he wants).


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