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How Can We Improve American Science Education?

Career Transition


Science needs a "law school equivalent" for those seeking to transition mid-career. I was a literature PhD who failed to get a tenure track teaching job. I would have considered going back into science (my initial major was physics), but would have had to start from scratch with undergrad courses. My wife (another humanities PhD in a dead market) would love to transition to sciences now that our children are past the diaper stage, and would make a wonderful scientist, but needs a viable transition program, leading to meaningful career possibilities, that can be accomplished in a few years. Smart, mature individuals seeking to transition from glutted humanities fields could make such a transition by way of three-year Masters level programs, without the need to start again with the 18 year olds. Without such transition options, we all end up in law school. The last thing we need is more lawyers like me.

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